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Protector & Deodorant 

Helping your investment last longer and smell fresh

Your carpet already has to put up with a lot. Not only does it have to withstand the wear and tear of being used and walked on every day, but life’s little accidents can also have a lasting impact. Whenever Fido happily plops on your rug after playing in the mud or whenever your drink takes a spill on the floor, you could end up with a major mess to clean that can potentially damage your carpet forever.

Since you can’t send your carpet on a well-earned vacation, there’s one other important way you can give your carpet the attention it deserves: invest in carpet protection. At Organic Panda Floor Cleaning, we provide comprehensive  protection solutions to reinforce your carpet and upholstery, allowing it to stand strong even under the most intensive use.

We deliver protectant that can add years to the life of your carpet, furniture and prevent major stains from arising altogether. 

How does this magic work? It’s simple, really: our protectant prevents daily soil or dirt from grinding down your carpet fibers, allowing your carpet to continue looking vibrant for years to come

Say goodbye to carefully rearranging your furniture just to cover up those conspicuous messes on your carpet – with Organic Panda on your side, your carpet and couch can stay pristine for years to come.

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