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Hardwood Flooring

We Exclusively Use BONA Professional Products


Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Proudly using Bona Professional Cleaning Products

Whenever you think it’s time to give your floors a routine cleaning, the easiest option is to whip out one of those waxy cleaning solutions or grocery store mopping kits and hope for the best. But here’s a reality check: that doesn’t go far enough. At Organic Panda, we leverage Bona's industry-leading equipment and an exact attention to detail to ensure that no plank goes unturned to leave your floors shining bright.
Bona's heavy-duty floor scrubber packs a powerful punch to all the invisible dangers that may be hiding in your flooring. It uses dual high speed rotary brushes and a specially engineered cleaning solution to safely remove contaminants and ground-in dirt from unseen crevices and hard-to-reach places. Not only that, but our equipment automatically squeegees up your floor as it’s cleaning it, so when we’re done, you won’t have to deal with soggy floorboards or slippery surfaces. Instead, we leave your floors dry and shining in absolute cleanliness – every time.

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